Ten years ago, when I was twelve, my mother took me backpacking for the first time. My first trip to Ecuador brought me to small Amazonian towns, glacier covered Andes, and vegetarian cuisine. But it was the country’s fascinating history, relaxed pace and cheerful people that really stole my heart.

South and Central America

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My second trip to Ecuador in 2015, pictured above, was equally stunning. It reminded me of why I fell in love with the continent in the first place. And, along the way, I made friends and memories to last a lifetime.

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In the ten years since my first trip to the continent, I have visited many other Central and South American countries. I have studied in Lima and Costa Rica, and explored many other countries on holiday with my family, my friends, or alone. I have visited Peru, Panama, and Surinam on summer-trips with my family. After my exchange in Lima in 2015, I ventured to Colombia for the first time and revisited Ecuador, the country that stole my heart all those years ago. In 2016 I had one of my favourite travel experiences: my first long term solo-trip to Guatemala in 2016.

Europe and North America

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Besides the Latin American countries discussed above, I have explored Europe while based in Utrecht, The Netherlands for my studies. Europe is the perfect continent for short city trips, and I took advantage of this fact by visiting thirteen European countries. I have also hung out on both US coasts, and chilled in Canada.

Other Adventures

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Although most of my adventures have been either on the American continent or in Europe, I have occasionally also wandered off further. In the summer of 2015, I followed a field course (and went on safari) in East Africa. And last year I went the furthest away from home I have ever been. In Nepal, my boyfriend and I visited temples, did some paragliding, and even hiked through the Nepali Himalayas.

I hope to share more details on all these past trips as well in the coming months. Let me know which trips you would love to hear more about.

I am so lucky to have been able to visit, live or intern in 38 countries, so far. I am planning on visiting at least 4 more in the first half of 2018, and am looking on suggestions for more! Join me on my road to Argentina, my 40th country in March, by following me on instagram and polarsteps, and subscribing to my blog.