Yo world, I’m Danick, a 22 year old South Caribbean native with a passion for travel and writing. Read more about me and why I travel here.

To me, a wandering soul goes hand in hand with a rambling mind. This blog is a place for me to track my travels, and record the thoughts I have while on the road. I hope to fill it with photography, travel updates, and more reflective posts.

I am a huge fan of slow, mindful and sustainable travel. And from past trips I know how important identity is in any foreign country. So expect racially aware, feminist, intersectional content as well. All posts are written to invite dialogue – but I expect you to respect my safe space.

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  • Las Tierras de Avalon: Where you can practise what you preach and reap what you sow 27 April 2018 I am at peace. Such peace has been rare during my first few weeks in South America. Backpacking is a logistical exercise in balancing your interests, your time and your budget. So trust yo girl when I say traveling can be ex-haus-ting. Luckily, travel is also a testimony to “seek and you shall find”. My search for a little exercise and some tranquility brought me to Las Tierras de Avalon, an oasis of peace hiding in plain sight. Read more
  • Carnival in the Americas: Forging Community in Curaçao and Uruguay 13 March 2018 This year, I celebrated Carnival again after four years abroad. And what better place to start than my native Curaçao? I arrived just in time to walk in the Gran Marcha (Grand Parade) and Marcha di Despedida (Farewell Parade), both for the first time. Then, three weeks later, I got to sneak a peek of Montevideo’s Carnaval. The festivities were vastly different in both countries, not surprising considering their different geographies and histories. Yet, what I (re-)discovered in both places was a decades-old tradition, the type that forges community between people irrespective of their race, ancestry or belief. Read more
  • Where I’ve been 21 February 2018 Ten years ago, when I was twelve, my mother took me backpacking for the first time. My first trip to Ecuador brought me to small Amazonian towns, glacier covered Andes, and vegetarian cuisine. But it was the country's fascinating history, relaxed pace and cheerful people that really stole my heart. Read more
  • Atlantic Conquest – Indigenous land rights and primary rainforest in Panama under threat 4 January 2018 How the Government of Panama and a Dutch businessman are achieving what even Columbus could not. This article is a summary of the Atlantic Conquest Expose by Guido Bilbao, written with the support of the Pulitzer Centre on Crisis Reporting.  Read more