Yo world, I’m Danick, a 22 year old South Caribbean soul with a passion for travel and writing. Before I return to Europe for a Masters in the Fall, I am taking seven months off to backpack through Latin America.

My wanderlust and love for Latin America both started on a family trip to Ecuador. Ten years ago, my mother swore off cruise ships forever to take my younger sister and I backpacking through the small South American country. Ecuador’s small Amazonian towns, glacier covered Andes, and fascinating history had me hooked immediately.

Ever since, I have explored many other South and Central American countries, and hung out on both US coasts. While living and studying in The Netherlands, I discovered various European cities. I followed a field course (and went on safari) in East Africa, and last year, I hiked through Nepal’s Himalayas. I am so lucky to have been able to visit, live or intern in 39 countries, and I am planning on visiting at least 3 more in the first half of 2018.

Join me as I get lost in one of my favourite regions on Earth. Uruguay is my 39th country. Do you have any tips for places to visit in Latin America or ideas for my blog? Leave a comment on any of my posts or contact me.


Photo by Achim Dekkers.


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